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Transform your practice with Vital-Med™ Cloud-based Electronic Health Record in a way you never imagined before. Vital-Med™ has developed a series of tools to assist members in the selection, implementation, and management of electronic health records. These resources are essential to the proper integration of EHR into the billing company’s business model, and the client practices they serve.

It is intuitive, simple and enjoyable. You have complete access to your appointments, clinical reviews, patient notes, medical histories and document manager – all bundled in one app.

Just use Vital-Med™ EHR to instantly connect with patients, payers, labs, hospitals and other stakeholders to deliver better care. Vital-Med™ EHR is Meaningful Use Stage 2 certified and comes with ICD-10 guarantee so you can be rest assured to stay ahead of the industry for a long time.

Our web-based EHR solution handles all the critical functions of a medical practice, including paperless medical record and electronic chart creation, document management, scheduling, personal health records and e-prescribing.

Our Web EHR includes:

•  Scheduler

 • Electronic charting 

 • Customizable templates

 • e prescribing

 • Patient Health Records 

 • Lab Integration 

 • Secure messaging 

 • Patient Engagement