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Medical Billing Services

Free EHR with Medical Billing Services/ Revenue Cycle Management Services

Want to increase your revenue, reduce your expenses, increase your collections, and improve the efficiency of your medical practice?  Vital MED™ Medical Billing Services is a great solution. Our team of experts will help increase your efficiency by taking control of complicated billing matters, and unmatched technology platform will help improve your revenue.

Our highly trained team of certified billing experts will provide your facility with superior billing, coding and collection capabilities. Our service provides an individually assigned account manager that will work on your account to achieve optimal performance and results that will maximize collections, prevent denials and eliminate “write offs.” Our staff takes pride in aggressively following up onunpaid claims. We file all primary & secondary claims electronically, assuring quality, accuracy and accountability

         Vital MED™ billing team has multi-specialty experience in:

             ·         End-to-end revenue cycle management

·         Denial management and resolution

·         Professional services and revenue cycle assessments

·         Physician billing

·         A/R recovery

Vital MED™ Medical Billing Services/ Revenue Cycle Management Services includes:

·         Eligibility verification

·         Unlimited Electronic Claims (EDI)

·         Unlimited Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA)

·         Denial Review and Management

·         Posting of Insurance and Patient Payments

·         Extensive Insurance Follow Up

·         Patient Statement Processing and Mailing

·         Appeal of all Denied or Low Paid Claims

·         Management reports