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If Your Collection Rates Are Below 100%, You Need Our Help!

Unpaid and delinquent claims are time-consuming and challenging for any office to collect. The Vital med dental billing service ensures proper electronic claims and electronic attachment submission, accurate posting of all EOB credits and adjustments to patient ledgers, Investigation and appeal questionable denied claims in a timely manner, appeal claims with proven appeal narratives that will work for the most difficult circumstances, and report to you regularly with daily progress reports.

6 Reasons to Choose Vital Med Dental Billing Services:

  • Your Income Will Grow & Receivables Will Shrink:

Up-to-date knowledge of preventing rejected claims, effectively appealing denied claims, and focusing on your accounts receivables, will see your bottom line increase.

  • You Will be Paid Faster by Insurance Companies: 

Good account receivable management requires more focus. We discover and help correct inefficiencies in office practices that lead to denied claims and lost revenue–eliminating most delays before the claim is sent.

  • You Will Write Off Fewer Insurance Adjustments: 
  • Often unnecessary adjustments are requested by insurance companies. We do all we can to make sure
  • you get what is rightfully yours. Your over 90 day insurance accounts receivables will always be at a minimum.


  • You Will Enjoy More Organizational Stability:
  • Staff turnover is a problem for dental offices. Our service ensures that your dental insurance billing   is
  • not disrupted despite staff changes.


  • Your Staff’s Focus Shifts to Patient Co-Pays: 
  • Patients don’t like surprises.  Accurate treatment plan estimates will help build trust in your office. It takes
  • time to verify insurances, ensure fee schedules are correct, and build relationships with patients.  Your staff
  • will have time to do that now.


  • You Will be More Organized: 
  • Quick EOB referencing ensures your staff are able to answer questions from patients in a timely manner. Without knowing why a claim is denied, it’s impossible to correct it or explain it to a patient. Our service will organize your EOB’s into searchable PDF documents stored on your network.



Common Dental Billing Issues:

  • Money  Patients Owe Is Ballooning
  • The dental office is struggling with increasing account receivables. The dentist is producing more, but not collecting all that they produce. The dental office manager is working as hard as she can but seems to be getting no where.


  • Not Enough Time In The Day To Do It All

The dental office manager doesn’t have the time or the skill to take care of the patients in the office, treatment plans, answer phones, manage staff and still send claims, post credits and adjustments to patient ledgers, appeal denied claims, and manage the dental office’s account’s receivables.

  • One Person Is In Charge Of Everything
  • When the dental office manager takes time off, the entire collection mechanism of the office shuts down–resulting in unreliable cash flow from time to time.


  • Patients Are Leaving The Practice
  • Patients might tell the doctor that “I love your office, but your billing is all messed up.”  EOBs are unorganized and difficult to search, payments and adjustments are not properly posted on patient registered record. Patients loose trust and leave the practice.


  • The Vital Med Dental Billing Solutions:


  • Collect 100% Of What You Produce

All denied insurance claims are now properly appealed and most denied claims are reversed.  The dental office is now collection 100% of what they rightfully bill to insurance companies.
Our staff is always available for consulting to assist your dental office manager for collecting 100% of what you produce.

  • Secure Virtual Private Network

A 256-bit encrypted Virtual Private network (called a VPN) is installed on your server.  Two Vital Med managers securely access your network through this VPN to accurately post all payments and adjustments into your patient ledgers within 24 hours.

  • Dental Insurance Claims are Paid

All dental insurance claims are batched by your dental office manager, but are sent with all necessary electronic attachments and narratives by us.  Any missing patient data is completed before the claim is sent to eliminate as many claim rejections as possible.
All insurance claims that are denied are appealed in a timely manner with narratives and appeal letters that have proven time and time again to be successful.

  • Regularly Emailed Reports
  • Our client doctors receive an emailed report regularly that tracks office collection and production ratios, the number of dental insurance claims we have submitted daily, the number of dental insurance claims appealed daily, claim errors corrected, projected monthly collections, and accounts receivable levels.


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